Client Testimonials

Dear Tony,

I wanted to follow up and say what a pleasure it was to meet you and to see Paul. I am so touched to see you helping someone like that—most people would never take on something like that. Given all the events in the world today, seeing what you are doing creates such a sense of hope in the world. It’s the old One Person Can Change the World thing, I suppose.

All best wishes,
Music Professional

Tony, Thank you very much for all your works, Wei-Gang is very lucky to have you as his guardian and thank you for letting me know that my two sons can have some benefits too, every penny helps, I will contact the person soon.

Dear Mr. Serra, It is seldom that someone will go out of their way to help another person as you have helped me. I know your time is very valuable, and you spent extra time making phone calls regarding my situation. . . . thank you again for all your help. – Client

Dear Mr. Serra, Thank you again for all of your hard work and guidance. We really appreciate your help! – Client

Dear Tony and staff, Thanks so much for taking our case. Congratulations on our victory! God bless all of you. – Clients

Dear Mr. Serra, Just a few words to thank you for helping and being so kind to me. – Client

We will never forget you for all your help and kindness in getting the QIT [Miller Trust] set up for our uncle.  Because of your kindness and generosity, [our uncle] is now on Medicaid and enrolled in a [Medicaid program]! It has already made a difference in his quality of life and a very positive impact on the lives of his family members.  We will always be in your debt. – Client