Small/Family Business

Small and family businesses are the backbone of this country and the source of new products and innovations. Investors and banks will not even look at a new concept or service unless it has been proven by a start-up business. And contrary to what most people think, just because you own a small business does not mean you make a lot of money. Owning your own business is challenging and hard work. In a word it requires GRIT. On the other hand, prudent business people know the importance of making sure they are in compliance with state and federal law and that they are organized in such a way that minimizes personal liability and exposure. This can be accomplished in a number of ways including, for instance, establishing a Corporation, S-Corporation, Partnership or Limited Liability Company. What works best in any given situation will depend on the objectives of the business owner, but in the end you want a trusted advisor who can guide you appropriately at a reasonable fee. So if you are considering starting your own business or if you are already in business and would like to establish a relationship with an attorney who understands and appreciates your concerns as a small or family business owner, call us . . . we can help.

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