Juvenile Matters

Representing juveniles is tricky. Obviously they need to take responsibility for their actions (assuming they are culpable in the first place) but at the same time the law appreciates that there are such things as “youthful indiscretions” that would suggest giving a minor “second chance” so to speak. Knowing exactly where a young person fits in this analysis requires getting to know the child and his or her family and understanding the circumstances surrounding the incident in question.  Perhaps the incident was nothing more than a mistake (or as my friend used to call it a bonehead move) or maybe the child is struggling with a drug addition or is being subjected to bullying at school or on the internet. In other words, there may be many factors that may explain (though not necessarily excuse) the behavior that need to be presented to the court as a way of demonstrating that similar conduct in the future was not likely and that the child is getting any help he or she may need. Again, these are delicate situations that require the sensibility of an experienced attorney who understands and appreciates dynamics of the child and family as well as the legal system to whom the child is accountable. So if your child has been charged with an offense, call us. . . we can help.