Family Law

Families are interesting groups. At times they can be a valuable source of comfort and support, though at other times they can be fertile ground for much stress and conflict. Usually it’s the latter scenario when people come to us (that’s right, no one involves their attorney when planning their annual family reunion!) and it’s at these times when you want a lawyer who appreciates the nature of the conflict and the familial relationships involved and who will approach the conflict or task accordingly. Sometimes that requires an aggressive warrior, but at other times all that may be needed is the sensibility of a peacemaker or trusted advisor to find common ground among disputing parties. You also want an attorney who is familiar with the various forms of alternative dispute resolution processes such as mediation, arbitration and collaborative law.  These processes are all designed to help you (the client) achieve a better outcome at a much lower cost.  We have been handling family disputes for over 25 years with specific training in mediation and collaborative law.  So if you are involved in a family matter, whatever it may be – a divorce, an adoption or caring for an elderly parent – call us. . . we can help.