Estate Planning

We all know what estate planning is – having a current Will in place along with a Power of Attorney and Living Will. And we also know we all should have these documents. Problem is, not many of us get around to doing it! Unfortunately, your failure to get this done exposes your estate to the potential for unnecessary estate taxes as well as conflict over how your estate will be managed. And if you have young children, you will have lost the opportunity to designate who will care for your children and manage their money if you are no longer around. Dying without a will leaves to chance and the dictates of the state how your estate will be distributed and who will care for your children. All this can be easily avoided with a basic estate plan. So if you have been putting off making a will or revising an old will that no longer applies to your situation – call us. . . we can help.

Note: If you have a basic estate plan in mind and a moderate level of assets, you can have all of this done at your convenience and at a very reasonable fixed fee through our on-line legal service. We would encourage you to take a look. If, on the other hand, your estate plan is more complex or the value of your estate is substantial, we can also help and in most cases quote you a fixed fee as well. Just call our office. Please keep in mind that if you try our on-line legal service and you find that will not work for you, don’t worry, any money you paid will be credited to you if you elect to retain us in the “traditional” manner. So don’t put off having a new will done – we make it pretty painless!

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